Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 common mistakes when brewing coffee

The one thing that I hate most is not getting the taste of coffee that I’m expected when brewing the coffee myself. Have you ever had such experience before? I love coffee. I prefer to order my cup of coffee straight from the coffee shop. This way I can makes sure that the coffee taste good. This can be confirm by the smell of the coffee, the way the coffee are prepared, the equipment and of cause the number of customers waiting for the coffee they ordered. Although I need to pay a bit extra, wait for my turn and go through all the trouble to get to the coffee shop, it’s definitely worth it.

When I felt like brewing my own coffee at home, I tend to spend a lot of time choosing the coffee bean carefully. I try to brew the best cup of coffee from the comfort of my home but it usually never ends well. I suppose this is the exciting part. The challenge of brewing a nice cup of coffee at home can be very attractive and interesting. Unfortunately it is not as easy as it seems. This is why I seldom try it out especially when I’m busy with my work. It can be frustrating having to taste a bad cup of coffee. Check out the infographic below if you are trying to brew your coffee. Perhaps you might be able to get the taste of coffee you are expecting by avoiding these mistakes.

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