Sunday, January 24, 2016

How drinking coffee before bed affects you

Coffee keeps you awake. That is the first thing that comes into my mind. Initially I drink coffee because I like it. I never did thought about drinking coffee to help me focus and keep me awake while I’m working. But after working for years and continue to drink coffee every day, it strikes me one day when I’m too busy to have my coffee. No doubt that is one of those days I will never forget. I miss my daily morning coffee that day because I was too busy on my work until I forgot all about it. I felt very sleepy right before lunch and after lunch. I can’t barely open my eyes and almost hit my nose on the keyboard. I struggle until dinner and that was the time I figure out perhaps maybe it was because I miss my morning coffee. I had my dinner late that night as I was busy with work. I decided to have a cup of coffee because I still have some work to do right after dinner. It actually helps to keep me awake until I finish my work. But when I reached home and getting ready to bed, I can’t close my eyes because my brain is still working and keeps on thinking about the work I’ve done. The late night coffee kept me awake until 3~4 am in the morning before I actually had my sleep. That is when I discover that coffee keeps me awake if I have it late in the evening. It’s not a good experience but at least I know what to drink if I decided to stay awake for the night.

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