Friday, January 22, 2016

Is prank or practical joke good or bad?

We watch a lot of prank and practical jokes on TV and online video. No doubt it is good for a laugh. But if it is the case where the prank is on you, how will you feel? Do you think it is good to prank others? Usually when it comes to choosing your target for prank or practical jokes, we have to be careful because it might back fire. Boss, teacher, headmaster, police or politician might not be the suitable target for prank because you might be getting into trouble for doing so. But for some people, it’s a challenge. So now the question is should we encourage prank? Or should we punish those who love to prank others for fun?

Personally I think prank or practical joke is acceptable if it does not cause any serious physically and mentally damages. In fact I think acceptable level of prank is necessary because it helps to strengthen mentality. A lot of things happen in life unexpectedly without any sign of warning. If you are not mentally prepared, your heart and soul can be damage severely to a level which you are unable to get back to your normal regular life again. This can be seen clearly when disaster or accident happens.

The sense of always be prepare for unexpected prank and the ability to recover back to normal condition after hitting by a prank can help a person overcome and deal with unexpected events in life. Don’t you agree?

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