Sunday, January 17, 2016

Returning to my first original blog

This is my first blog. Everything I did online started out from this initial blog. I tried lots of things and tested thousands of stuff. It is fun although most of my attempts are not successful. I get to know lots of interesting stuff which I never learn and experience before. Honestly I never study or research this much online for my blogs compare to my homework during my academic life. But my education from school did provide the foundation requires to research and study information and knowledge in order to explore the online world easily. I suppose you’ll never know the usefulness of things that you’ve learned until you needed them.

I stop posting in this blog for at least couple of years. I suppose I was getting bored and running out of ideas what to write or blog. I began to try out other things online and left this blog unattended for some time. I totally forgot about this blog until I felt the urge to blog again. Well, a place to voice out my opinion or thought is much more appropriate. Actually I never did stop blogging. I own and manage other blogs too but those are not the platform I choose to voice out the things that are running freely in my mind. This is the only blog that I choose to throw in all the rubbish created in my mind. Other blogs that I created have specific topic and purpose. I try not to mix them all up together.

Why I decided to write again in this blog? Well, I suppose I need a place which I can express myself freely. It feels great to do so. I felt like holding my breath when I don’t have a place to write what I think. Previously I set a lot of rules and style on how I should post in this blog. From now on I will just blog freely as I like. I suppose this blog will become a place for me to release my tension, pressure and ease my mind.

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