Sunday, January 31, 2016

How about a coffee maker which automatically brews coffee in the morning to wake you up

If you have difficulties on waking up early in the morning, perhaps an automatic coffee maker is what you need. That is if you are a coffee lover and the smell of coffee is attractive enough to move you. But if you really are a coffee lover, it can be difficult to find an automatic coffee maker which produces quality coffee that suits your taste. Check out the blog post title “Innovative Alarm Clock Wakes Users with Friendly Brewed Coffee” from My Modern Met.

Honestly, I don’t know how good this automatic coffee maker can brew coffee and how effective is the coffee maker to start brewing coffee on the time we set. My first impression is that it looks more like the tools in the science lab. Well, if you think about it carefully. It does felt like a science experiment when it comes to brewing quality coffee. You need the right combination, setting, timing and quality ingredients to produce a cup of fine quality coffee. It is actually not an easy job.

So if you ask me if it worth getting this automatic coffee maker, I’ll say it depends. Don’t expect a good quality coffee will come out from this machine. The best you can get is an ordinary cup of coffee, no more no less. If you put it by your bed side just like the pictures shown in the blog post, the smell of the coffee probably is the best enjoyment or wakeup call in the morning. 

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