Saturday, January 30, 2016

Adding coffee to your food

I love coffee but I don’t like to add coffee into my daily food. I like to have my coffee pure solely in a cup in liquid form. The normal regular black coffee without sugar or cream is the best way to actually taste the original taste of coffee. There are a lot of recipe introduce online which include coffee into other food or dishes. Just Google coffee recipe and you’ll find tons of ways to cook your food with coffee. I don’t hate to have coffee as part of an ingredient in my food but it kind of affect the way I order my food. Take for example if I’m going to have a dessert with coffee flavor or coffee spaghetti, I will order orange juice for my drink instead of coffee. I like to have separate taste for my main dishes, dessert and drink. It is a bit too much to have the same taste of coffee in all of the food.

Adding coffee into any food might not taste as good as we think. It is actually a complicated process which requires a lot of testing in order to makes sure that it tastes right. It is actually a chemical process or mixing that we are talking about. We don’t know how it will taste until we try it. Especially if you are trying to present it to a coffee lover, the standard can be very high. In other words the food has to be at least maintaining the unique taste of coffee without ruined the original taste of the food. It is actually a challenge to find the balance within.

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