Friday, January 29, 2016

The Coffee Stain Monster

Normally I only pay attention on my coffee before and while I’m having it. I never did think about the stain or left over coffee. When I’m having my coffee, I hate to spill it even just a little bit. When the waitress is bringing my coffee to me, I often pray that the waitress can handle the coffee cup gently and place the coffee cup on the table without spilling it. I suppose I like it perfect before I get to taste my cup of coffee. Thus I usually don’t see much stain of coffee on napkin or a piece of tissue. Check out the blog post title “I turn random coffee stains into monsters” from the real design inspiration. I find the design kind of cute. I suppose we can call it coffee art. The picture below is one of the coffee stain monsters drawn. Check out the blog for other examples. Instead of monster, I think you can basically draw anything out from the coffee stain. All you need is combining imagination and creativity. It does not have to be perfect. It is all about fun and interesting.

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