Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Catching Butterflies right before Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody, its holiday time and we should do something special instead of just staying home blogging. That’s what I though and so I decided to take a trip to enjoy the green environment in my country. I called up few of my friends and we decided to check out Penang Butterfly Farm. I visited the farm about 16 years ago but not much that I can remember about the place. Penang Butterfly Farm is said to be the world 1st tropical live butterfly sanctuary and has been around since the 80’s. Given that the farm has been around for so long, you can imagine how many collections the farm has. Here’s what you can find in the farm – butterfly eggs & caterpillar, butterfly pupae, white squirrel, wild meadow, giant scorpion, giant millipede, water snake, soft-shell turtle, orchid, iguana & 6 footed tortoise, stick insect, leaf insect, nepenthes, lizard, tropical fish, water Lilly, oriental water dragon, mandarin duck, horse-shoe crab, insect museum, insectariums and many more.

The best time to visit the farm is in the morning at about 9am that is when the farm opens up. You’ll able to witness butterflies emerge into the new world from hundreds of pupae. That is not something that you can see easily out side the farm. Besides you’ll be able to catch the 10am show where you have the chance to be up close with creatures like oriental water dragon, moth, grasshopper and many more.

The best part of being in the farm is that butterflies will never afraid to rest on your body. When I enter the farm, immediately I got 3 butterflies rest on my shoulder, my head and on my palm. That’s really a special experience but you need to be calm and not afraid of bugs. You have to be careful when moving around as there are so many butterflies around and you might accidentally step on it or hit it.

The Penang Butterfly Farm is definitely a place worth visiting as there are lots of insects to see and very educated. Kids love the place and they are really having fun in the farm. Do visit the place when you have the chance. I happened to get some postcards from the farm and I like to send it out to my readers. I got 5 postcards to give to 5 lucky readers. Here’s how you can win yourself one of the cards.

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I’ll randomly choose 5 lucky winners, and then contact you for the address to send the post cards. I think the post cards can reach any place in the world unless it gets lost on the way. That I can’t guarantee but you can be sure that I’ll send out those post cards. This contest will end at 8th Jan 2008.

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