Thursday, December 27, 2007

Check out the first Meta social search engine -

Here’s another search engine for you to try out. Honestly, the most that I used so far is Google but then I not that satisfied with the search results. Most of the time I need to filter out some search engine optimization sites and other spam in order to get to the information that I want. If you’re not so familiar on search engine then you might spend much time in digging the information you want. My first impression for using is that it has the flexibility for me to use other search engines, social media and other information directories to search for what I want. If you use the original search engine you find that the search result is clean. Meaning not too complicated and sponsored links. The most that I can see is just a few Google ads on the right side of the search results. also has various toolbars that you can download and try it out. It’s a way to rate websites, blogs and people. It’s a patent pending technology call Color Value Rating.

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