Monday, December 10, 2007

When do you have your coffee?

Did you ever count how many cups of coffee you take each day? When do you have it and where do you have it? Lately I’ve been thinking of this question and it’s really surprise me. Here are my findings of my coffee drinking habit.

Early morning when I’m having my breakfast, I have my first cup of coffee. When I take a break from my work I have my favorite coffee. If I go out to meet customers or my friends in a coffee house I ordered a cup of coffee. When I’m rushing for my paper work at night I get myself a cup of coffee. When ever I feel sleepy during my work I have my coffee. When I visit my friends’ house, I was served with coffee. When I go for a seminar in a hotel I can choose coffee or tea. When I’m having a meeting within company, I’ll get coffee. Hell when I’m studying for my exam or test, I’ll have tons of coffee.

Honestly speaking, its coffee everywhere. Few things always relate to coffee, they are work, sleep, exam and conversation. I’m actually having more coffee then I know. How about you?


Linepigen said...

Fun post, and relevant. However, I never drink coffee and neither does my bf. ;) Just too unhealthy! (alcohol on the other hand, I have no problems with)

kumowai said...

Thanks. I forgot to mention that alcohol is the next thing I love to have. Beer is what I have after work.

Linepigen said...

Haha, yeah, I don't yet, but am moving to London soon, so I'm looking forward to it! :)

kumowai said...

Well, happy traveling and merry Christmas.