Tuesday, December 11, 2007

People buy because…

I know that women like to go shopping. To be honest, when it comes to spending money sometimes men can be better. I mean spending lots of money on things like cars, bots, houses and other big toys. It’s debatable when comes to men spend more or women spend more. So, why do we buy? Here are some of the things that come through my mind about it.

Buy because like it or love it.

Buy to keep it, add up to the collection.

Buy for fun, just feels like buying something.

Buy because needing it, for usage.

Buy because it’s a limited edition, just have to get myself one because it’s limited and special.

Buy because I support the designer, the company.

Buy because my favorite singer/actor/actress has it and I want it too.

Buy because I’m able to afford it, later I get to show off to others.

Buy because he/she told me to, my girl/boy friend instructed.

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