Saturday, December 15, 2007

Get tons of free stuff from my blog contest

The free stuff is not from me actually, it’s from a blog call MyBlogContest. The blog did has a lot of contest posted and sure is a good place to find something that you like. As for the free stuff, the blog has a list of sites that offering free coupons, free trials, free sign up, free gift cards, free downloads and even free domains. Lots of stuff can be found. The best part that I like about the site is that you can post your blog contest for free. There is a page for you to write about the details of your contest with 3 anchor text links.

This is actually a very good method. In stead of searching for blogs that are having contest and post about them, the site just prepare a page for bloggers to submit and post their contest for free. Really is a brilliant idea. The only thing left to do is just promote the site as much as possible to get more bloggers submit their contest. At this moment, it is free to submit your contest.

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Emirhan said...

Thank you for the email that you sent to me. It helped me to re-create mybloglog thing. See you around:)