Friday, December 21, 2007

Get you Ads across your videos online

Blogs, online Web logs or journals, have become wildly popular -- so much so that Business Week printed an article, earlier this year, to shed some light on just how many blogs there are and how often people participate in this form of communication. They reported that there are over 70 million blogs worldwide, with over 15 million of them being considered active, that is, updated regularly.

Research shows that about 1.5 million new blog posts are created every day. Most bloggers set out to make money from their blogs, yet the majority of them don’t know the most lucrative routes to take in order to make that actually happen.

“There are people out there making a living off of blogging, and there are some making just a little bit each month,” explains Leo Grzhonko, president of “The difference between making nothing and getting paid each month to share your thoughts on a blog comes down to taking advantage of proper revenue channels.”

There are many routes people can take in an effort to raise money from their blog. But if people aren’t keeping up on the latest methods, they may not be getting what they could in return. Many bloggers have taken advantage of the viewer’s love of watching online videos, coupled with their experience of not wanting to be interrupted by advertisements. This route is one that many find in the AdoTube Interactive In-Stream Media Player Technology. They have made it as easy as showing online videos with an intriguing “roll-over mouse” message. When the mouse rolls over the area, an interactive ad -- demographically targeted for the viewer -- appears.

“Our opt-in advertising technology was created for those seeking a simple and effective way to make money online,” adds Grzhonko. “We refer to it as the in-stream interactive online video monetizing solution. With this, anyone can take their blog or Web site and turn it into a profitable venture.” has a very interesting advertising method that has to do with videos online. Its call Interactive In-Stream Media Player Technology that allows showing online videos with a “roll-over mouse” message. What does that mean? Take for an example that you’re viewing an online video, and you moved your mouse over the screen of the video. This will trigger an ad to show up on your video. The ads will not cover the whole video screen and only appear for a few seconds. There are few methods of advertising can be used and you may check out the online video examples at My favorite ads method is an animated cute character holding up a advertisement board and the character is just an inch tall. The character will just walk from bottom right of the screen until the other end after holding up the ads board for a few seconds. If you own lots of home made videos and would like to earn some money with it then you can consider trying it.

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