Saturday, December 01, 2007

Having Tea instead of Coffee

I’m always been a coffee lover and I don’t hate tea. I choose coffee over tea because of the flavor. Last week I stumble upon a coffee and tea house and decided to try out their tea instead of coffee. It’s a coffee and tea house name Winter Warmers located in a shopping complex. The thought of wanted to have a cup of tea here was because of the decoration. That’s the first thing that you see before you check out the drinks. The walls are decorated with silky curtains and all tables are covered with flowery table cloth. Lot’s of nice delicate tea cups are place behind the wall where they prepared and served the drinks. It sure is a nice place to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

At for the tea, it’s not cheap but it’s the same price as if you’re having a coffee at Starbuck. The tea that you ordered comes with a transparent teapot and a small cup of honey. It is said that the honey can bring out the flavor of the tea. Well, I try it out and it seems to be it. The tea does taste much better with honey. There are lots of flavor for you to choose. The funny thing is the waitress introduces the tea to us by striving out how different type of tea will help improving out health. That’s just sound like having medicine. The nice flavor and taste is enough for me to try it, better leave the health part a side.

Having few hours of conversation with your friends in such comfortable and relaxing tea house is really enjoyable. If you enjoy hanging out at Starbuck or Coffee Bean then you might also like it here. Do try it out.

Here’s a link to Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House at Gurney Drive.


HIA said...

good job

Jenny said...

Coffee is my favorite...I do like tea sometimes though. Sounds like you had a lovely time!

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