Monday, December 17, 2007

What can a blogger do on the road?

We can’t be always in front of the PC. We still need to make our life better by doing lots of stuff, get involved with other activities. Sitting at home blogging all day everyday might cut short years of our life. Once in a while we should just go out relax and have a nice vacation. It’s strange to say it this way but I think sometimes we just miss the sun, the moon, the wind, the sea and most important of all the people. When we are out far away from our PC, that doesn’t mean that we can’t prepare the material to blog.

Information, ideas and materials are all around us. Even when you’re having conversation with your friends or other people, you’ll think of something. This little bit of something might become a very good topic if you brainstorming it later. The problem is we never capture it. We just let it slip through our mind. That is why I recommended bloggers carry along a small notebook and a pen along for easy writing. Whenever an idea appears in you mind, just write it down before you forget. This is very helpful in collecting ideas and topics for you to write later on. It’s just like what a proffesional writer practice all the time. They go around places to collect information and to prepare the materials to write for their books. Even in Japan the Manga artist will sometimes go out in search for info and ideas.

Another method is to carry a digital camera along when you’re out. If that’s too troublesome then you might consider get yourself a camera phone. Just take any pictures that you feel funny, interesting or beautiful. The next thing is to write about the pictures you take. That won’t be too hard I presume. You can just share your feelings or what you’re doing when taking this picture. You can even write something personal and this can let your readers know you better.

When you’re back home, then these things can help you produce fresh topics for your blog. This can make your blog more interesting to read.

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