Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bloggers Go! Go! Go!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when an old man with his hand holding a hoe tells you that he’s going to move the mountains in front of his house so that he can create a path straight to the town. “Foolish!” I think that’s the first word that we think of. If not then may be “Crazy!” might fit better. This is actually a famous saying in Chinese -“Foolish old man move mountains”. Well, I might have translated it too direct from the actual Chinese words but the meaning just fits.

I wanted to bring this up because it has something to do with blogging. Especially for those people that wanted to make some extra cash out from it. Most of you all are still at the early stage of blogging for not more then a year. Some have already blog for few years but still not earning much money. The feelings of keep on doing it for long time but still did not get rewarded are share together. Sometimes the word “quit” does strike my mind once in a while. But still I keep blogging because of what the “Foolish old man” said.

“I’ll be the first to start moving the mountains. When I’m unable to do it, then my son will carry on my work. If my son reaches his limit, then my grandson will carry on my work. This work will carry on through generation until the hill is moved. I might not be able to witness and enjoy the completion but at least my grandson or great grandson might gain privilege from it. It might take long time to complete this work but at least it can be done.”

Blogging to make money seems to be very attractive but still need hard work and time. We know that it needs constant posting, tuning and feedback. Just that sometimes you’ll hit by a day that you just don’t feel like or hate to blog. Well this post is for motivation and encouragement. Bloggers Go! Go! Go!

P/S: A little bit sounds like “Forest Gump”, don’t you think?

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