Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rush Hour for BlogRush

This latest site BlogRush come into the net just like gold rush. A lot of people have already put up the widget in their site and you can easily find one when surfing through the net. There are a lot of talking about BlogRush and what it can do for the bloggers. Well, it is suppose to bring more traffic to your blog after you install it. It should works just like MyBlogLog, brings more readers. How does this widget works?

First of all, your blog post title will be distributed under related blogs. If you have an interesting title then readers might click on it and landed at your blog. So, pick your category wisely so that you can target the right readers. Secondly, BlogRush user can earn “syndication credits” base on own traffic plus the user’s traffic that you refer to. This means that the credits that brings your post title up to the widget. The more people you refer, the more chances that your blog post will be up on the widget.

The concept of BlogRush seems to work better for those big brother/sister bloggers. They already have a large amount of traffic and getting referrer is not a problem to them. This widget just makes it better for them. As for those small fish bloggers(like me) that wanted to use this widget to get more traffic, that might be a bit difficult. For start, getting more referrer will be the best way. It’s going to be hard but let see if this works for me.


Stefani said...

I joined as well the day they launched! That is how I found your blog.

kumowai said...

Hi, glad that you found me. Keep in touch.