Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Million Wiki Again But In Euro

I just post a topic about Million Dollar Wiki just a few days ago and again I’m repeating it but in Euro. It seems that a business that earns a lot of money will always be copied or duplicate. This happens within any kind of business. That’s how the game played. Million Euro Wiki is basically the same as Million dollar Wiki. Not much difference between the both of them, so let see if Million Euro Wiki can do better or not. For start, Million Euro Wiki is giving out a 16GB iPod Touch for every 25 pages sold. That means if you bought a page then you’ll have 1/25 change of winning yourself an iPod Touch. If you’re interested in purchasing the pages then you can follow the link provided by JohnChow to get the 10% discount coupon.

P/S: If you have extra cash, might wanna consider buying yourself a page.

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