Thursday, September 06, 2007

Great site for HTML Beginners...

I’m really bad in programming. I always spend a lot of time just by position a picture or a sentence. What I did is I make some changes, save then reload the page to see if the out come is what I want. I often try and error this way to modified my blog. Now that is really time consuming and sometimes can be very frustrating. There are a lot of tricks that we always use when try to modified our blog or webpage. The second thing is I always have problems of remembering these codes. That is why I choose blogger for my blog because I’m able to cut and paste, click and drag the page element. That helps a lot but still my blog still need a bit of touch up. Until today I still did not do the touch up because my touch up is “a touch to bring down the whole blog”. It’s like pressing the explosion button and the whole building just collapse to the ground.

HTML playground really caught my attention. I really have hard time learning Dreamweaver but this site makes me feel easy. I can just get the code that I want to use, learn it, test it and apply it. Easy and fast is what I want. It might not seem to be a complete application but at least it’s a good start for me.

P/S: I get to apply the H2 header and made the object or sentence at the center position.

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