Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We will give you money for links from your Blog!...That's what it said

This is a rare site that pays you to just place a link to your site. I did try it before and it does pay. The payment is made by Paypal, so you’ll need to get one account. The price of placing the link is very much depends on your blogs popularity, page rank and age. This site is looking for blogs and site that willing to sell a spot at their space. Pretty much of a site that looking for blogs to advertise. You can try sending your blogs URL to them and check out the offer they give you. If you’re not satisfied with the offer then you can just reject them. Try it, who knows you might get a good offer. After all you have nothing to lose. If you want to see how the link looks like if you accept the offer, scroll down my blog till the very end. It’s just a short sentence of link.


iCalvyn said...

i have never heard before this website, probably will give a try..thank for intro

kumowai said...

U're well come.