Sunday, September 09, 2007

How about we make ourselves a nice cup of coffee

"Kahlua Coffee, Gaelic Coffee, Kioki Coffee, Scrumptious Coffee, Greek Iced Coffee, Cafe Grande, 3rd World Mocha, Tropical Coffee, Cafe Nelson, Espresso Cocktail, Mocha Mudslide Milkshake, Cafe D'Amour, Dutch Coffee, Black Haus Orange Coffee, Leprechaun's Coffee, Cold Comfort Coffee, Cafe Seattle, Sorrento Cafe, Cubano Coffee, Mangan Coffee, Jamaican Iced Coffee, Fria Cafe Italiano, Mocha Freeze, Espresso Martini, Coffee Liqueur, Portland Coffee, French Coffee, Mocha Mint Cappuccino, Jamaican Coffee, Tijuana Coffee, Talos Coffee, Puerto Rican Coffee, Prince Charles Coffee, Irish Mist Coffee, Frozen Irish Coffee, Coffee 43, Caribbean Coffee, Balearic Coffee, Chambord Coffee, Thai Iced Coffee, Bavarian Coffee, Plantation Coffee, Cafe San Juan, Etc"

Anybody wants the recipes on the above drinks? Check out Drinks Pub, Drink Mixer or Drink Swap. They have a wide range of different coffee that you can make. Of cause cocktails will be their biggest collection.


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