Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Swisscash – High Risk Investment Plan!?

It was like a couple of years ago around end of 2005 that I was introduced to this Swisscash investment. It is an investment that brings you 25% on your principal monthly. One of my friends told me about this and wanted me to check on it before he dropped his money into it. I did a detail check on it and found that a lot of the information posted on their website is full of question marks. If you do a search about Swisscash on Google and dig deep about it you’ll get what I mean. I don’t wanna post the facts here because you can get it easily when you do a quick search on it. I’ll just put up some links for your reference if you need more detail info about it.

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Swisscash.net that is down

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Brunei Swisscash

The Swisscash investment really was hot in Malaysia, so hot that even the local TV network had a piece of it too. There was even a time that I heard the name Swisscash when ever I have my favorite coffee in the coffee shop. People are talking all about it. I even saw a car with large sticker with “Swisscash” on it.

Ok now, back to the serious question. Is Swisscah a HYIP or a scam investment? Well, if you do the calculation of 25% return, it sure is too good to be true. Plus all the facts mention above, no doubt that there is something fishy about it. Despite all these, one important fact that makes it sounds real. That is people are getting their monthly payment on time and never miss a payout.

I call up my friend and explain all I found and guess what he said.

“I could spare the $100 dollars and take the risk of a high return. If the moneys not going in here, it will be going into the lottery. Either way, it’s fine for me as long as I have the chance to earn more money. “

Yes, he did put his $100 dollars into the investment and did earn himself some money. To him, this is just the same as other investment like stock exchange, bank savings, mutual funds and insurance. Losing money here is just the same as losing money in the stock market. There are only 2 things that he consider, win or lose. If he wins, then he’ll get his money back double or triple. If he loses, it will just be another unlucky day to hit the lottery.

If you ask how I think of it…A lot of things go through my mind, things like...Is this legal? Can this kind of investment last long enough for me to get back my money? Will I be in directly hurting somebody? Will I get into trouble if the government declares it as scam or illegal activities? What if I get my money back but not the people I introduce? If you think like me, then it will be better not to join the game.

Lately it seems that this game has reached the end of it and having some bad news or trouble around it. The website is down and some investigation about it has been carried out. Will this be the end of Swisscash? Maybe, maybe not or maybe it will return with a different name and style but serve the same purpose. We all learned that history often repeat itself. When there is desire, there is a will. History does repeat itself, it just happened in a different place, different time.

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