Friday, September 14, 2007

Fashion the way you like it

Do you want to be a fashion designer? Well, I think most of the girls out there love to do it. I often found a lot of personal blog or homepage with lots of self portrait pictures. Especially teenage girls tend to have at least one post one portrait. They seem to love it very much and a lot of them look very nice too. Here’s a site that they sure love it. StyleMob is a new community created for street fashion inspiration. You have the chance to DIY fashion, take a picture and post it up for other people that have the same interest to view. In stead of just follow the trend of the fashion, you might be able to start the trend yourself. For those that are into fashion, students that are studying fashion and fashion designer, this is a good place for you to hang around as you don’t have to travel the world to see different style of fashion. This site will bring the world of fashion to your room. Surely is a place to get lots of ideas. Easy and simple, all you need to do is post like this…

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