Monday, September 24, 2007

What to do with MyBlogLog?

I’ve sign up with MyBlogLog, put up the widget and what now? When I hopping away through MyBlogLog I’ve seen a lot of so call non active member. Well, I’m talking about members that do not have any contact and communities or only a few of them. The main purpose that we join MyBlogLog is to gain more exposure and traffic. That is if you are able to make full use of it. Signing up and do nothing will not bring anything to you. You still have to do the work. That goes for other community site as well. These are the few basic things that you need to work on to get more traffic.

  1. First you need to join communities, join as much as you can. MyBlogLog allows you to join a maximum of 15 communities each day or you can change your setting to automatically join the communities after 2~3 times visit on the site.
  2. Say hello to everybody. Start interact will anybody that you like. Be nice and I’m sure people will welcome you.
  3. Do some site hopping through MyBlogLog, comment on the blogs when you feel like it. Your face will be capture in MyBlogLog widget.
  4. Never forget to response to those that reaching out to you.

There is no point of joining many communities site but did not actually make full use of it. If you do it right, one single communities site can get you more then enough traffic. That’s really what I did and traffic really has increase.


Lalit Nagrath said...

ya ,it s true mybloglog gives lot of visitors .
didnt knowed the trick of joining lot of communities .
thanks for that :)

kumowai said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Glad to know that this post helps. Keep in touch.

SportsDork36 said...

I agree with your blog. I have joined alot of communities and the traffic is really starting to pick up. I have also blog hopped and found really interest things. Nice blog.

kumowai said...

Hi, thanks. Please stop by again.

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Guilty as charged. I'm a mom of three toddlers running a artist bear business from my home. I was invited to join BlogLog by someone else and then really had know idea what to do with it from there. I just figured out the whole Flickr! community for goodness sakes. Now that I have a high speed Internet connection instead of dial-up (woohoo! just got that this week), I'll try harder to let everyone know I'm there!!!

kumowai said...

Hi, glad to know that you finally have a high speed internet connection. It will save you a lot of time writing blog.