Friday, September 21, 2007

Wikipedia or Million Dollar Wiki

Most of us should be very familiar with Wikipedia. It is a free encyclopedia on the net, that’s the most command explanation about it. It is a very popular site which a lot of people stop by for information everyday. This let me think that the concept of this site might just be another way to generate income. Thus I found a similar site that works like this. Check out The Million Dollar Wiki. This site is selling a page for $100. Yes, that’s right. $100 US dollar for each page but it’s a once in a life time fee. You get to own the page for good. Each page is dedicated to a unique word or phase. You can use the page to generate traffic, revenue or publicity. It works just like a Wikipedia as you can build the page using the wiki editor which is the same as Wikipedia’s editor. Once the value of the page increases, you have the opportunity to re-sell it. Take it as an investment and secure a word or phrase. If you do the calculation, it’s cheaper to own this one page then hosting a website for a long term basis.

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