Friday, January 04, 2008

Get the best out of the freeware

How many of you have the experience of wanted to get the software but unable to afford it? Take for example if you’re getting yourself a laptop or desktop, the most that you’ll get is Microsoft Windows. There will be some free software that comes along but most of them are not much of help. The best is the 1 year free trial of some antivirus and spyware products. For a normal usage the least you need to get yourself Microsoft Office and that cost more then hundred dollars. If you’re a student then you might have to go to your parents asking for more money. I think these softwares should be sold at different price to individual, student and company.

Thanks to some of the programmers’ world wide, they wrote some alternative freeware for us to use and download. The question is there are so many freeware out there and it’s going to be difficult to go through them one by one. Here’s a site that has a collection of 46 best freeware. You will find some of the freeware that you must have in order to surf around the net safely and freely. I happened to have some of the freeware that I currently use right now in the list, for example web browser, anti virus, spyware, bit torrent, registry cleaner and digital image viewer. Check it out as you might find something you need.

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