Friday, January 18, 2008

Forgot where you put your user manual?

Did you keep your entire user manual when you bought your electrical appliances? We never really needed them much after we know how to use them. When we really need to refer back those user manual, they just seems no where to be found or lost. If you lost the hard copy of your user manual then try to check it here. This site have lots of user manual uploaded for many equipments like camera, monitor, software, television, DVD player, mobile phones, printer, camcorder and many more.

There is lots of information that you can get from the user manuals. Most of the common failure or trouble shooting guides are available. Some of the simple failure can be fixed without sending it back to the factory. When you’re trying to connect few types of equipment together then you definitely need the user manual to confirm the connection and settings. Especially when you’re setting up your home theater system that requires combination of DVD player, amplifier, speakers and LCD TV, having wrong connection might causes damages on the equipment.

User Manual is just like an encyclopedia. They really come in handy when you desperately needed help.

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