Sunday, January 27, 2008

The key to make her feel romantic

Is the story of snow white, Cinderella or sleeping beauty romantic? How about the romantic movies like Pretty Woman, Love Letters, Pride and Prejudice or Sleepless in Seattle? Have you ever imagine or hope for similar kind of love experience? If you happened to let you imagination run wild and put yourself in the position of a romantic fairy tales then you might just able to experience a similar romantic love. The concept is simple. The definition of romantic is different for each person. Making breakfast for you girl friend can be romantic only if she feels romantic about it. Getting your girl friend flowers might not be romantic any more when she feels that it is the basic things to do. The question is how do you find out what really makes her feel romantic. That means getting into her mind and check out how she thinks. It may seem impossible but there’s a trick that you can try out. First, bring her for few romantic movies and monitor her reaction along and after the movies. Find out which movies that she likes best. If she tears out emotionally after watching a movie, then you have to do a detail check on that movie. Discuss and talk about the movie after watching it and find out which part that she likes most. Remember to check on her reaction when she talks about it. You can notice that she will be very exciting and happy whenever she talks about it. That’s the part that you need to capture. After you have gathered the information on her favorite romantic movie and her favorite scene, try to recreate the same scene as close as possible. You just have to hit the bull’s eye once. One similar romantic scene is enough to kick off the romantic feelings. The rest of the parts just need you to talk about it and let the imagination run. You can even repeat the same speech on the movie. It may looks embarrassing but if you really get her favorite scene and romantic movie right, then I’m sure she will fall in love with you madly.

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