Friday, January 11, 2008

Winning the game for money or something else?

What are the criteria to determine which online casino is the best?

  1. Customers win money on the first play.
  2. Customers win money on the second play.
  3. Customers win money on the third play.
  4. Customers able to cash out money.

That is the best method to keep customers coming again and again. It doesn’t matter if it is online casino or offline casino. The concept is still the same. People will return if they are presented the above sensation. Does that mean that you’ll continue to win if you keep on playing? Well, I think not. If you do the probability then you’ll know that casino is always the winner. That is if you calculated for long term. If that is the case then what keeps the customers in the game? It’s the feeling of winning, the feeling of luck and the feeling of beating the system. As you can see money is not people trying to earn or get from the casino but it’s the feeling they are looking for.

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