Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Having an online surveys on your blog

Having an online survey on your blog is a way to understand who your readers are. You may also survey on what your readers like to read on your blog. That may give you an idea of what to blog for your readers. You may try out easy-poll.com if you decided to do some online surveys. It’s a free service with simple sign-up procedure. It’s easy to use with lots of patterns and colors selection for the poll. You don’t have to prepare your own database or install any software for the polls. Everything is done by easy-poll.com. The best part is that the surveys and polls work in many free blog services like Myspace, Blogger, Xanga and Typepad. Remember to keep your survey short and simple. That way your readers will feel comfortable and easy to complete the survey. Thus you’ll get a fast result.

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