Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apply Public Bank Debit card online to withdraw money from PayPal

Last year I blog about PayPal regarding 26 countries that allowed funds transferring to Visa/Master credit, debit or prepaid cards. For Malaysia, a lot of bloggers are looking for the right card for this purpose. After 3 months of testing and researching, it seems that Public Bank Debit card is the winner. Application just took about 2 weeks and you can have the card send to your house or the nearest Public Bank branch. You can even apply the card online through Public Bank website. You don’t have to line up for few hours just to apply a debit card. You need to bank in RM25.00 to activate the card after receiving it. You also need to maintain a minimum of RM25.00 in the card at all time. The first year annual fee of RM24 is waved. If you spend more then RM1200 in a year then you get to wave the fee again. That means if you spend more on the Public Bank debit card then you get to use it free every year. That includes cashing out using the card. I’m sure if you use the card to withdraw money from PayPal, then most likely you’ll cash out more then RM1200. The maximum withdraw amount for PayPal is $500 per day. This condition is more then enough for the moment. In future, we should be allowed to link directly our local bank account to PayPal. I hope this can happened within couple of years.

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