Friday, January 18, 2008

Cover my boat online

Most of us are very familiar with car insurance. That’s because almost every one of us owns a car. What about boat insurance? Well, that’s for those that loves boats and able to afford it. Not many of us are capable of having it ourselves. I happened to come by a site that provides online boat insurance quotes and here’s the review of the site.

First of all the site gets right to the point that it is all about boat insurance quotes. A yellow button that stands out from the blue encourages people to click on it. Most of the pages on the site are very short. You don’t have to scroll down much to read all of the content. Lots of information regarding different type of boats insurance can be found. You can easily access to all the pages by just checking out the categories. The special part about the site is that it has a step by step option that can offer you an instant online quote.

I would suggest that a nice beautiful boat or yacht on the first page will make site more attractive.

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